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Punch Drunk Cabaret 

Video Release party at 
Station on Jasper 

September 28, 2018

By Janice Stobie-Rushton

Well, I can honestly say I danced with the devil, or rather “the Demon"  last night, and I loved it.  Punch Drunk Cabaret launched their video “Don’t Die Until You’re Dead” from their latest album “This is a Disturbance” at the Station on Jasper to a standing room only crowd.  

The video was mostly filmed in the Manluk Theatre in Wetaskwin and features local actors (don’t freak out, she wasn’t really pregnant!) and Doug "the Demon" Thompson had the crowd cheering from the start.  The song is defiant, and the video depicts our constant battle with a lot of comedy and stays true their swinging steampunk genre.  

PDC's live show is intense and kept the crowd dancing and singing along throughout the entire set.  These guys are local, and it shows in their songs.  "Revenge of Jake the Bear" was written on the road during touring after reading a visitor information sign about a defiant bear that wouldn’t stop invading town no matter where parks workers relocated him. Bassist Two-tone Teddy Roy laughingly recalled the song's story of a stubborn bear looking for a fight and trying to steal the beer from your fridge.  Of course he ends up stuffed for his troubles, but the epic battle was worth it!

Covering songs from their many influencers, The Stray Cats as an example, they mash it up and own it, making it raunchy and unique. The show left us hungry for more, and I highly recommend checking out "This is a Disturbance" and seeing these award winning guys live, as it is truly a unique experience.  Thank you to the Station on Jasper for the awesome food and for bringing in great local talent.